(Mission and vision )

The College of Applied Medical Sciences was established in 2011 an one faculty in Kerbala University with two departments:The Clinical Laboratories and Environmental Health.

After four years and completion of all required units according to the approved syllabus,the graduates will be provided with certification of B.Sc in Medical Sciences in any of the above departments.

The graduates of the clinical laboratories department will be qualified to work in the Clinical Laboratories which are spreaded over the whole country ,provided with scientific skill to perform the biological and chemical analysis which are required for the diseases diagnosis o.the other hand ,the graduates of Environmental Health Department .can work in the Public Health Laboratories of the Health Organizations . They can deal with all the the chemical and biological contamination in air , water, and soil .

Meanwhile , two more departments will be opened in the college sooner or later ,

They are :1-Physiotherapy Departments

                2-Medical Diatetic