The Role of αFP and CEA in Diagnosis Patients with GIT, Thyroid and Ovary Tumors

Hassan A.Al-Saadi Muhamed Salih Mahdi*
Dept. of Clinical Laboratory Sciences-College of Pharmacy-University of Kerbala
* Dept. of immunology- Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital -Kerbala Health Directorate

The aim of this study is to determine the importance of simultaneous blood αFP and CEA in 60 patients with GIT, thyroid ,ovary diseases .The positive value of αFP and CEA tumor markers in female were 14(23%), 18(30%) respectively and male 4(6.66%),13(21.66%) respectively and diagnosed as age ≤ 25 years 2(3.33%),1(1.66%) and ≥25years were 16 (26.66%),30(50%) respectively. The αFP, CEA in GIT were 6(10%),20(33.33%) respectively ,in thyroid malignancy were 4(6.66%),5(8.33%) respectively and in ovary tumor were 8(13.33%),6(10%) respectively. It is important to use more than one tumor marker to determined tumors in the patients and αFP,CEA levels showed no significant correlation between αFP and CEA in the patients with GIT, significant at thyroid, ovary diseases according gender, age, GIT, thyroid malignancy and ovary tumors.