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Name: Karima Fadhil Abbas

Specialty: plant physiology  &Ecology

Work address: Lecturer/Assistant prof.

Education and qualifications

1.B.Sc. in Biological science . of science ,University of Basrah

2.M.Sc. in plant physiology . 1999-2001 . College of  Agriculture ,University of Basrah

3.PhD in plant physiology and Ecology .2010-1015. college of science ,University of Basrah

4.TOEFL . IC3 .2010.


1- Changes in auxins ,gibberllins and trace elements during growth and development of buds in certain Cultivars of European grape Vitis vinifera L.basrah journal of science/ 2005

2- Effect study of leaf removal of cluster on some chemical and physical properties of grape Vitis vinifera L. Cutivar Agemi journal of kerbala university ./2007

3- Effect of nickel nitrate spraying on growth and some trace Elements levels of tomato plant Lycopersicon esculantum Mill. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences/ 2006

4- Effect of Gibberellic acid on vegetative growth and mineral content of mango seedlings, Mangifera indica L.basrah journal of science/2008

5- Variation in concentrations of some elements in leaves and fruits of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) and soil irrigated with polluted water from Abu Al-Khaseeb River, Southern Iraq. Marsh Bulletin/2008

6- Changes in levels of mineral nutrients during growth and development of dormant buds in some cultivars of European Grape Vitis vinifera L.Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences/ 2010

7-The physiological side effect of two Insecticide Malathion and pyrethroid (cypermethrin) On the growth and Trace Metals content in Helianthus annus L. journal of kerbala university /2010

8-Effect of salinity on seed Germination and Growth of Tomato Seedling ( Lycopersicon esculentum L.) Thi – Qar journal of science /2010

9- Effect of irrigation water types and spraying with seaweeds on vegetative growth biochemical attributes and minerals contents of Ziziphus mauritiana and Citrus sinensis seedlings. assiut j. of Agricultural Sciences/ 2016

10- Effect of water salinity and salicylic acid treatment in mineral , hormonal content and protein profile of Helianthus annus L. Seedlings. Thi – Qar J.Agri. Res./2016

11- Effect of water salinity and salicylic acid treatment in growth analysis and some physiological attributes of Helianthus annus L. Seedlings. Thi – Qar J.Agri. Res./2016

12- Oxidative responses and genetic stability of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. Barhi cv. under salinity stress. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. Vol.7, No.8, 2017

13- Phytohormones and Pigments Content in Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera L. under Salinity Stress. International Journal of Scientific Research in Agricultural Sciences, 4(2), pp. 036-042, 2017

14- The alleviation activity of selenium against cadmium phytotoxicity in date palm Phoenix dactylifera L.

Basra Journal for Date Palm Research .