Accumulation of Heavy Metals Nickel chloride(II) and potassium dichromate (VI) in the Male Mice for Different Organs and Its Effects on Absolute Weights

Abeir C. yousif AL-fatlawi
Faculty of applied medical sciences, university of Karbala

Abstract: Among the hazard of different heavy metals Cr and Ni consider the serious dangers because it’s very stable and persistence in the environment causing many alterations in the target tissue such as immuonotoxicity, hematoxicity, genotoxicity and neurotoxicity. Forty two mice divided into seven groups each one contain six animals. One group was untreated received tap water as control the other groups received different concentration from NiCl2 (II) and K2Cr2O7 (VI). The present study showed that the accumulation of heavy metals (p≤0.05) and the absolute weights (p≤0.01) of different organs were significantly decreasing proportional with concentration as compared with the control group.