Non-neoplastic MultinodularGoiterHisto Pathological Study

عبير جياد يوسف

جامعة كربلاء /كلية العلوم

The present Study carried_out on (15)Patients from males(30-60)year old,suffering from Goiter.the Patients conducted to medical and labatory examinations. The level of hormonesTSH,T4 and T3 was measured,the readings (0.31+0.2,13.24+0.30,240+6.5) on respectively when compared with control group. The histo-pathological results was revealed,enlargement in some thyroid follicles,and changes which occurs in the epithelial lining and converted to simple squamous epithelium, and some thyroid follicles was devoid from colloid with congestion in interstitial,blood vessels.the diameter of thyroid follicles in the goiter patient was (2.6+0.54)micromter when compared with control group (0.6+0.1) micrometer.