Within the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the establishment of educational seminars on the phenomenon of substance abuse and alcoholic beverages and their impact on the social and economic level and under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences. The Department of Environmental Health at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences organized a scientific seminar under the title “The Disadvantages and Damages of the Abuse of Drugs and Illicit Alcoholic Beverages” and the Imam Jafar Sadiq Hall in the Building of the Scientific Departments in the College. The seminar included four axes delivered by Dr. Ali Mousa Al- Faculty of Medicine / Karbala University and teacher Karim Khudair Karim / Department of Environmental Health and Dr. Nawras Al Tayyar / Department of Health Guidance / Karbala Health Department and Colonel Hussein Nasrawi / Drug Control Police in Karbala holy The seminar included the definition of the presence of health and social aspects And the legal and legal consequences of the drug abusers. The symposium issued recommendations including the need to raise awareness among the members of society about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol and that the state and civil society institutions take upon themselves to combat this deadly phenomenon. the college.