An MSc Thesis Debate Holds in AMS Titled as

(The Effect of Hypothyroidism on the Fertility of Women in the Province of Kerbalaa')

Attending in the Great Hall of Imam Al-Sadiq (PBUH), an MSc. thesis debate was held in the specialty of Medical Laboratories there. The thesis, written by the researcher (Israa’ M. Naji), titled as (The Effect of Hypothyroidism on the Fertility of  Women in the Province of Kerbalaa’). The committee of debate was headed by Prof. Wifaq J. Muhammad PhD- Uni. of Kerbalaa’, having its members: Prof. Naseer J. Al-Mukhtar PhD Uni. of Babil and  Asst. Prof Suraa S. ‘Eesa PhD. The Green Uni. Of Al-Qassim . The thesis was supervised by Asst. Prof Ghusoon G. Ga’aim PhD -Uni. of Kerbelaa’. in addition to Doctor Liqaa’ H. Hassan, a specialist in the Teaching Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Kerbalaa’ .

The study aims at specifying the impact of Hypothyroidism upon fertility of women which implies the probability of the occurrence of a clinical pregnancy. To be mentioned, a very low rate of women at the age of pregnancy suffer from  Hypothyroidism (about 2-4%).  The effect of such disease can be noticed through the imbalance of the sex  hormones or the cycle of the lack of ovulation or the emergence of Prolactinemia in the blood which decreases the fertility. The women’s age included is (18-45) years old. 

The study concludes that Hypothyroidism has a great and very vivid impact on the fertility of women in such age. The result of this study was obtained via the measurement of physiological parameters in blood for the gland of Thyroid functions which were very high in ill women, compared with the healthy ones. The Low physiological parameters of the blood were very salient in sick women more than in the healthy ones. To add more, Hypothyroidism has a negative impact on Iraqi women’s fertility indicators due to the hyper Prolactinemia  and its effects on sex hormones menstrual irregularities and  miscarriage.

The study recommends that women are advised to examine the functions of the Gland of Thyroid, especially women who suffer from frequent miscarriage. Also, women are advised to examine the level of lipids in blood beside the functions of Thyroid and the Hypothyroidism related to it; depending on developed methods of examination;  (PCR); to determine the dysfunction of Thyroid Gland. Once the healing occurs, it is recommended that the patients’ weight is to be kept within its normal ratio. The thesis estimated as to have an excellent degree.