Administrative Affairs Division

Tasks and duties of the Administrative Affairs Division

  1. Receiving official documents from all the government institutions either through the post of the university head office or being delivered through the post agent.
  2. Distributing these official documents to the departments, divisions and units, after reviewing them by the dean office, recording them in the college records and archiving them electronically.
  3. Writing and preparing official documents and official responses related to the administrative office, recording them in the college records and archiving them electronically.
  4. Recording all the incoming and outgoing documents depending on their sources and types in the college records according to the university prespecified categories.
  5. Follow-up with the postgrad students regarding the administrative issues, whether outside or inside Iraq according to the prespecified policies.
  6. Maintaining the annual salary premium for all the affiliates of the collage.
  7. Organizing and keeping tracks of all the kinds of leave permits of all the staff.
  8. Follow-up with the states of teaching committees and employees in their jobs after completing the period of experience stipulated by law and transferring them from a temporary to permanent.
  9. Organizing the affairs of the temporary workers at the collage such as preparing the forms of their daily wages for the Accounts Division in order to pay their monthly salaries.
  10. Managing and following-up all service works distributed in the departments and buildings of the college. Also field works such as the college gardens and maintenance of green spaces in the college, and providing hygiene requirements are one of the important tasks in order to provide an appropriate atmosphere for students as well as the staff.