The Dean’s Speech on the Occasion of the Commencement of the New Academic Year 2022-2021
AMS Renews Another Evening Class

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The Head of the University of Kerbelaa' Performs an Opening Ceremony for the New Building of the Department of Medical Laboratories and the Laboratories of the Department of Environmental Health in MAS

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Following the instructions of the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the MAS opens its door for the BSc. Evening Class registry of the academic year (2021-2022) and in both departments: Medical Laboratories and Environmental Health. ..

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Out of the dual cooperation between the governmental office and MAS, the General Directory of Municipality of Kerbelaa'

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(A Debate in the Specialty of MSc in Medical Laboratories under the title

(The Bacteriological and the Immunological Study of Diabetic Patients, with and without Foot Ulcer in the Province of Province)

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An MSc Thesis Debate Holds in AMS Titled as

(The Effect of Hypothyroidism on the Fertility of Women in the Province of Kerbalaa')

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Environmental Pollution