Section of Legal Affairs

Tasks and duties of the Legal Affairs Division

  1. Contributes in investigative committees and related legal issues between the college and its employees.
  2. Expressing legal opinion and advice and answering legal advice queries.
  3. Formulating and organizing contracts and ratifying them, as well as pledges and guarantees related to the work of the college.
  4. Ratification of guarantees and academic undertakings inside and outside Iraq.
  5. Providing legal advice to the departments of the college.
  6. Managing all the administrative affairs of the Legal Division.
  7. Archiving the investigation committees and student discipline committees.
  8. Ratifying the contracts concluded by the college, pledges, loans and advances for the staff, and maintaining a special record for this.
  9. Visiting government institutions to complete the work of the faculty from the legal point of view, if required.
  10. Attending meetings of officials of the legal divisions at the university presidency.
  11. Maintaining a special register of contracts and their impact in all respects (names of the parties, the contract period, the contract amount, the obligations of the two parties) and ratifying them.