In-vitro anti-candida activity of ricinus communism leaves extracts

Abstract—The evaluation of in-vitro anti-Candida activity was done for Ricinus communism leaves extracts which are yielded by the extraction with different organic solvents (methanol, chloroform, and a combination of these solvents((1:1; v/v); methanol/chloroform)) against four Candida species(tropicalis, kefyr, glabrata, and albicans) by agar well diffusion method. In the present study, the results showed that all tested extracts possessed anti-Candida activity against all examined strains, but the leaves extracted by a combination of methanol and chloroform exhibited the best anti-Candida potentiality when compared with methanol or chloroform solvent which is separately used in the extraction process, in addition to that the anti-Candida activity of all leaves extracts was varied depending on the Candida species susceptibility and the concentration of the extract which used in every treatment, in addition to that the minimum inhibitory concentrations data of the combined solvents extract were (13, 18, 22, and 24% for Candida glabrata, tropicalis, kefyr, and albicans respectively.
Keywords—Candida, Ricinus communism, Anti-Candida.