A New Scientific Achievement by a Research of a Thesis of Master Degree

In its first of a kind of study in Iraq, the first ever master degree debate in the specialty of Forensics in the department of Medical Laboratories was held in the AMS. The research demonstrates successfully new seven genetic heterogeneities to be newly stated in the world database of the NCBI.

The public debate of this thesis was held on Wednesday 16th -12-2020 in the Great Hall of Imam Al-Sadiq (PBUH) in the AMS. The research was done by the MSc Student (Jassim M. Hassan) titled as (The Relation of some Genetic Heterogeneity of the HERC2 Gene with the Genetic Prospects of the Eyes in Iraqi Community).  The committee of the above research headed by Prof. Abdul-Hussain Al-Faisal PhD from Uni. Of Baghdad, having its members: Asst. Prof. Muhammad T. Al-Timeemy PhD from Uni. Of Al-Qassim Al-Khadhraa’ and Asst. Prof. Adil Atiyah PhD from Uni. Of Kerbelaa’. The thesis was supervised by Asst. Prof Jawdat N. Al-Jash’amy PhD and the  Consulting Doctor, Muhammed G. Mahdi.