A Scientific Symposium about Coronavirus Pandemic

Under the supervision of the dean of AMS, the department of Environmental Health held its symposium about coronavirus 19 titled as(Health Security During the Era of Intercontinental Corona: The Challenges , Expressed Lessons and Future Perspectives). It is considered as one of the series of the scientific activities related to critical health situation because of the widely spread of this virus globally. The lecturers were Prof. Abdul-Hameed K. Khudhayir PhD and Asst. Prof Kareem K. Kareem.

The main topic of this symposium were discussed under the Lethal International Viruses in Comparison with Epidemiology of the Novel Covid19. It was presented by Prof. Khudhayir who clarifies some information about the definition of the pandemic viruses and their classification according to the criteria of WHO and the family of Corona Viruses, their origins, means of spreading and their pandemic ability concentrating on Covid-19 type and the main reports in this respect.

The second point under discussion was about the importance of the curfew  by Asst. Prof. Kareem. He talked about the history of the curfew , its importance, its types, the Iraqi procedures followed in this respect and the most important difficulties face our health institutes financially and educationally . the symposium ended with some recommendations, such as:

  • Asserting the previous preventative measurements such as the continuity of the curfew, giving masks for free in addition to disinfection of houses.
  • Letting the vaccines and the other drugs be available
  • Encouraging the research centers in Iraqi universities by establishing specialized laboratories in this regard.
  • Supporting the educational campaigns in this respect.