The Head of Department Welcomes our Students for the Commencement of the New Academic Year

Dear Students of the Department of EH

I am very pleased to gain a  such chance to congratulate you all, my daughters and sons, for the commencement of the new academic year 2021-2022 which means launching a new step forward in your scientific career as students here in the college of AMS generally and in the department of Environmental Health particularly. I sincerely pray that Allah makes it the year of goodness, generosity and success for all of us. Respectively, I verily urge you, dear students, to do all the best efforts and be very serious by demonstrating the highest commitment while attending lectures to gain the highest degrees of success  and excellency which are pillars for serving our dearest one, our country, and in participating in building its basics of superiority.


Head of Department

Prof. Kareemah F. Abass PhD.