The Anti-Candida and the Cytotoxic Activity of Aloe Vera Gel Extracts

Purpose: The research paper studies the in vitro anti-candida activity and cytotoxic effects of Aloe vera (Linn) leaves extract against melanoma and normal cell lines.
Subjects and Methods: The traditional Soxhlet apparatus was used to prepare the crude plant extract using organic solvents. The agar well diffusion method was used to explore the in vitro anti-candida, and the MTT assay was used to
assess the cytotoxic activity.
Results: With IC50 values of 250 g/ml and more than 1000 g/ml, respectively, crude extract demonstrated anti-Candida activity against Candida ((kefyr, glabrata, and albicans) in varying potencies and cytotoxic effect in B16 cell line and vero cell line.
Conclusions: This study unequivocally establishes that the crude extract of Aloe vera leaves with bioactive metabolites is capable of supplying high-quality biological material for anti-Candida and anti-cancer therapeutic programs.