The antioxidant of Anethum graveolens (Dill) on some biochemical parameter in blood serum of male rats

Abstract—Liver toxic is an acute effect of paracetamol (500 mg/kg) Consequently, we investigated how paracetamol toxicity affected liver cell enzymes in this study aspartate aminotransferase (GOT) and alanin aminotransferase catalyzes (GPT), Glutation (GSH ( and total protein ,glucose , liver and body weight of male rats that drenched Anethum graveolens (Dill) . were used in this research 40 adult male rats, weight 172-311 gm, age 8-12 weeks, isolated in a environment at temperature 25ºC in an animal house in university of karbala ,They were given food, male rats were divided into four groups (G). (G1) the control group has gaves the food and normal saline 0,9% only, (G2) injection of paracetamol 500 mg/kg body weight (B.W). (G3) injection 100 mg/kg B.W A. graveolen extract + 500 mg/kg B.W of paracetamol. (G4) given 150mg/kg B.W of flavonoid compound extracted + 500 mg/kg B.W of paracetamol. The present study found ability of Dill and flavonoid extract to antioxidant and protective liver enzyme against the paracetamol overdose by significant decrease GPT, GOT, glucose.
Keywords—Anethum graveolens (Dill), flavonoid, paracetamol.