Physiological and epidemiologic study for Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Kerbala Al Mukadssa

ا.م.د مهدي عبد الخضر/جاكعة كربلاء ـ كلية الضيدلة

م.م.عبيرجياد يوسف/جامعة كربلاء ـ كلية العلوم

This study condected to investigates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from January till december 2007 from primary of care chest in Kirbala province , Atotal number collecting 339 (196 male &143 female).the study showed of infection with TB according to the months the higher percentage recorded in April then February reached (0.76,0.75) respectively. Also the affect of sex with infection disease showed high in male compared with female (0.55,0.43)respectively the study showed also
active the highest according to another type ofTB (0.85) the study showed relation between age and percentage of infection and found the redy of infection in the age under 34 years old.