The study of some effect on happened rate of diabete mellite, in children in kerbala and Najaf(2010-2011)

م.د مهدي عبد الخضر/جامعة كربلاء ـ كلية الصيدلة

م.م عبير جياد يوسف/جامعة كربلاء ـ كلية العلوم

This study condected to perform on numbers of children with Diabetes mellitus in age between less than year to more than five year in Karbala and Najaf city for year (2010 – 2011 ), the Total number of state in Karbala for year 2010 was (805) , (435) for boys (370) for girls and the number of state for (2011 ) is ( 888) , ( 459) for boys,(429)for girls . while the number of state in Najaf for gear (2010) was ( 140) state , (78) for boys (62) for girls while the number of state to the same city
for year (2011) was (77) state (40) for boys and (37) for girls . The study showed no significant differences between sexual for two city in two years . but study showed significant differences(p≤0.01) in the age facter in all state and the highest state record in the age more than 5 year in Karbala for year 2011 reach to ( 612 . 67± 31.79) twen year 2010 ( 436.00± 17.32 ) in Najaf the highest state record also in the age more than 5 year in the year (2010) then (2011) , (19.00±5.19 ) and (47.00±2.30 ) respectively . also showed significant differences in Karbala for two year than Najaf city for child Diabetes infection