Study the effect of Nigella Sativa on thyroid function and reproductive hormone of female rat

Wafaa Kadhim Jasima, Mayada Sahib Hassana, Ghsoon Ghanem Keamb

aDepartment of Veterinary physiology and pharmacology, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Karbala, Karbala, Iraq.
bDepartment of Clinical Laboratories, College of Applied Medical Sciences, University of Karbala, Karbala, Iraq.
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The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of Nigella sativa on hormone reproduction and thyroid function in female rats.
Methods: Twelve females rats were used and divided randomly into two groups (6 animals for each) first group served as treatment and gave Nigella sativa oil (1ml /kg BW/day ) orally according to body weight for a period of 30 consecutive days. While other group drenched with normal saline at same dose that above mentioned and served as control.
Results: The result revealed significant increase in levels of LH, Estrogen T3 and T4 and significant decrease in level of TSH. Histological sections of thyroid gland revealed presence vaculation in colloid of thyroid follicle.
Conclusion: In conclusion, the Nigella sativa oil caused the elevation of thyroid hormones as well as LH and estrogen but still within normal value.